In 1981, the European advancement of Video Arcade Systems challenged the American market

Having a European background and being able to access this new technology our company, Videotel, was established. Ever since that day, we've been on the cutting edge of advanced Video Arcade Manufacturing.

After 32 years of production and innovation, Videotel is now servicing systems on 4 continents and in 10 countries. Since we sell worldwide, we have to make our system as trouble and maintenance free as possible. When you decide to purchase one of our system, you can be assured, no matter what you location is, if you can change a DVD you will be able to operate our system. With hundreds of installations, and a constant attention to detail as well as quality, we have and shall continue to bring our customers the absolute finest in Video Arcade Systems.

Videotel has always proven to be dependable and reliable. Our product stands for itself. One that has always been technologically advanced and has the support of our expert technicians and qualified manufacturers to give you years of satisfaction.

Throughout our 37 years of production we have excelled in satisfying many customers. We hope you will consider Videotel to be your first choice in a more profitable and affordable Video Arcade System.