System Features

Channel Change Control: Since modern video arcades have higher channel requirements, our system will accommodate the demanding needs of today’s customer. We have engineered our system to let your customer step through all the channels either up or down.


Central Alarm: In the event a housing is vandalized or an attempt is made to receive “free time”, an alarm will sound. Along with the audible alarm, booth credits will clear, the occupied and vacant lights on the outside of the booth will flash, and an alarm indicator will appear on the monitoring computer. Speed Stepping: This feature allows your customer to advance to other channels at a faster rate.


Volume Control: You may have noticed an inconsistency in the audio level of your video tapes. Once again Videotel has taken the customers needs in hand. Our in booth touch panels allow your customer to set their own audio level. This is an important feature due to the fact that some customers like the volume low.


Character Insert: This informs the customer of the channel number he is viewing and the amount of time he has left. The “character insert” replaces the L.E.D. channel and time indicator commonly used in the industry. The “character insert” is displayed on the screen and is activated when channels are changed or money is inserted. Once the display is activated it will stay on the screen for approximately 5 seconds. When a customers remaining time drops below 30 seconds it will reappear and countdown the remaining time.


Video System Monitor: Located near the video player bank, it allows your clerk to track all DVDs.


Message Generator: We employ rotating pictures and full motion video displaying numerous models and instructions when arcade booths are in stand-by mode. Using a new approach in design we eliminated the annoying problem of “phosphor burn in” which will ruin your monitor in a short time. Timer and Timer Decreaser: A computer controlled timer allows management to change and set the viewing time allowed per 25¢ or dollar. To maximize peak time, management can program a gradual viewing time decreaser which is activated by increased booth activity.


Communication Ready: Your computer is equipped with a modem and communication software. With a phone line you are able to take income readings and make changes to your system from anywhere in the world. Power Loss Protection: In the event of a power loss, your system is fully protected. When power is reestablished, your system will automatically start itself up. In addition to this time saving feature, your customers credits are also automatically saved (which is essential if the system is equipped with bill acceptors).


If Computer Fails: The system is designed to operate without interruption in the event of a computer failure.

  63 Channel Analog System