4" Black Wire Ties (100 Pack)

4" Black wire ties, sold in bags of 100.

Bill Acceptor Cleaning Card (Waffle Style)

Bill Acceptor Cleaning Card (Waffle Style)

HD 2700D Industrial Looping DVD Player

The HD2700D is our exclusive HD industrial grade, seamless auto looping dvd player. The HD2700D is designed to automatically power on, auto play, auto loop and seamlessly auto repeat content without manual interaction. The HD2700D has a built in scheduler that allows you to time various content throughout the day. It can also become an interactive dvd player by adding LED push buttons, motion sensors or proximity sensors for those solutions that desire human engagement to trigger specific content. Estimated life span of 6+ years without failure even with 24/7 playback. The HD2700D is the most reliable, durable dvd player on the market. The player can be mounted both vertically or horizontally. Displays full native 1080p HD video and upscales traditional 480p DVDs. The HD2700D is ideal for any project looking for a reliable, simple to use, cost effective digital signage solution to advertise, engage, inform and educate any audience. NOTE! This player will not play copyright protected DVDs. Please see our HD2600 XD if you wish to play mainstream media.

Medium Orange Plastic Button With Program Up Text

The Videotel 0816 medium orange button with text has a black front bezel that is 1 3/4" diameter wide x 3/8" tall. Text reads "PROGRAM CHANGE" and a UP arrow.This button mounts in any 1" hole and is secured with an included plastic nut. The button can be mounted in any material between 1/8" and 3/4" thick. The 0816 is extremely reliable and durable. Includes button, fastening nut, 12VDC cluster LED light bulb, light holder and N.O. (normally open) / N.C. (normally closed) switch.

Stainless Steel Door for Touch Panel and Speaker

Stainless Steel Door for Touch Panel and Speaker

2' Video Wire (Male RCA To Male BNC)

2' BNC to RCA coaxial wire. Typically used to connect quad from our UBC box to a quad TV with an RCA input.