High Security 5/8" Barrel VAN Lock

These VAN Locks are known in the industry and "Un-Pickable". This flat faced design with steel insert, or optional hardened steel face, offer the highest levels of security. Cam locks are designed to fit the standard 3/4” doubled punch-out and come in a variety of lengths. Hundreds of cams are available (custom cam available) or use an adapter with existing cams. *Keys Sold Separately

High Security VAN Lock - KEY

Key for High-Security VAN Lock.

Housing Speaker

This speaker is used in just about every housing we have ever made.

Main Booth Cable (Sizes from 9' to 108')

This custom made cable connects from the Analog System Central Electronics to each booth. The cable is injection molded and contains 15 pins. The main booth cables carried 2 separate video signals and 1 audio signal along with various control wires for channel and alarm.

Mars (MEI) $1 Paper Coupon

This MEI Paper Coupon can be used an any AE Series acceptor made after 2004. It will work just like a regular $1 bill. Programming is as simple as pressing a button on the back of the acceptor and inserting the bill.
From €0.27

Mars (MEI) 700 Note Bill Acceptor

The MEI CASHFLOW AE2600 accepts all $1, $2, $5, $10 and $20 bills in circulation. Easy 4-way acceptance, low jam rates.