12" Black Wire Ties (100 Pack)

12" Black wire ties, sold in bags of 100.

5 1/4" Speaker

This speaker is used in many mini theaters and custom booths. The hole is 5"

Digital XEON STB Booth Controller

The Digital XEON STB Booth Controller manages all the booth controls in the XEON system. This custom STB has connections for HDMI out, 2 touch panels, buddy glass, line level audio out, composite video, occupied light, vacant light and many more.

Downstacker Mars (MEI) 700 Note Bill Acceptor

The MEI CASHFLOW AE2600 accepts all $1, $2, $5, $10 and $20 bills in circulation. Easy 4-way acceptance, low jam rates. This version of the bill acceptor is a "Down Stacker" which is used in our XEON Housing.

HD 2700A+ Industrial Looping DVD Player

The HD2700A+ is our exclusive HD industrial grade, auto on, auto play, auto loop and seamlessly auto repeat content without manual interaction. The HD2700A+ is unlike any other DVD player on the market because it "buffers" all DVD content to internal RAM. Once the content is buffered the DVD stops spinning. This unique feature basically turns a DVD player into a media player. Once the DVD is buffered, all of the "wearable" parts of the player stop moving. Life expectancy of the HD2700A+ is anticipated to be 10+ years. This might be the last DVD player you ever have to buy! ********* Qty Discounts Available..... SEE BELOW *********
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