We completed our first year, with the new Videotel digital system, yesterday and ended up with a 44.53% increase in arcade sales for the year! Thanks to Videotel!
This new system is as easy as a click of a button, from work or even at home, which helps allot. You can watch everything from how much time is left on a booth to changing a movie from one channel to the next, and most importantly NO MORE DVD PLAYERS, between the skipping of a movie, to not reading a DVD, and the cost of repairs that alone is worth it. Then you add more new features like fast forward and rewind in the privacy of your own booth, to raising the heights of the booths, so nobody can mess with the occupied / non-occupied lights. For what we paid for our new system it's a drop in the hat for what are making now. We've doubled our business.
The combination of your 100 movie system, access to all features on the very first dollar, and the four buddy windows has been dynamite! And we have done it with 6 minutes for a dollar since day one.
I thought I would write to you and provide some feedback on how our Videotel Digital Arcade was performing. During the summer of 2008 we revamped our store, got rid of our old “32” channel Phase III system (not all the channels worked), and of course installed our first Videotel system. The results, and even the installation process, have exceeded our expectations. I also appreciate that you quickly answered all my questions even before I had purchased the system.
We picked up the pallet from the shipper on Monday. We had it up and running the next day by noon. It works great. I want you to know that in my 30 years in business that I have never found another business that I have dealt with that had a more customer focused attitude as your company. You and your people are fantastic in my book.