Digital System Reports

Booth Activity: Indicates occupied/vacant booths and alarm status. You may also clear booth credits, view how much time a customer has left and see the channel they are watching.

DVD Changer Screen: Sort your available movies by either channel or according to the most popular. Provides the ability to add and remove DVDs.

Income Per Booth: Total income is separately displayed for each booth and provides a grand total.

Hourly Income: Income is shown with hourly totals itemized per day.

Alarm History: Allows you to view any alarms with detailed time and dates.

Users And Groups: You may establish a user name and password for each employee or manager so you can track individual activity. You may set up different levels of access for each person.

Log In History: Allows you to view employee log-in history.

Time Settings: Customize the time per dollar, bonus credits, buddy decrease time and set minimum deposit for fast forward and rewind buttons to be activated.

Decrease Time: Steps at which your booth time decreases as your customer volume increases.

Xeon System Reports